A spokesman for EMAYA, the Palma municipal company for water and drainage, said yesterday that the report from the Consumers and Users Organisation (OCU) which said that the price of water in Palma is the most expensive in all of Spain was referring to consumption above the average reasonable water consumption in Palma. He said that the study says that the water distributed by the municipal company is “very good”, adding that the report says that the average cost per cubic metre in Palma is 1.98 euros assuming an average consumption of 175 cubic metres annually. However, he claimed in the Balearic capital a reasonable consumption for a family of three to four people is 12 cubic metres a month, which is 144 cubic metres annually. So, given that the price increases progressively, it can be said that for up to 144 cubic metres of consumption, the average price (including drainage, sewage and VAT) is 1.66 euros per cubic metre, less than the 1.98 euros in the study said a spokesman. Emaya's analysis laboratory, charged with the control of the quality of Palma's water, said that the water is controlled from the initial source (reservoirs, springs, etc) to the point of distribution (water meters). It said that the water complies perfectly with the EU quality criteria.