ADVOCATES of the theory of global warming will not be surprised by a weather report released yesterday claiming that the month of February in the Balearics had an overall temperature of one degree above the last 30-year average and registered very low rainfall levels.

Agustín Jansá, director of the Meteorological Centre in the Islands, said that the conditions last month were “more like those in Spring” which officially starts on 21st March this year. He said that the hottest days in February were the 26th - when a maximum temperature of 21 degrees was registered in Porreres - and the 7th, when 19.4 degrees was recorded in Porto Pi. “These temperatures are just not normal for this time of year,” Jansá added. He voiced concern that there had been a shortage of rainfall throughout the region and that last month has gone down on record as being one of the driest Februarys in recent history.