NEWS DESK TO mark the Spanish leadership of the European Union next year, the Balearics will be hosting a summit in May of 2010, which will call for more funding for Island communities of the EU, all presidents of which will be attending the occasion. A Central Government Spanish minister will spearhead proceedings.

The plans were announced yesterday by European Funding director Jaume Garau who was reporting in Palma on the journey made last week by a Balearic delegation to Brussels - including regional President Francesc Antich - to seek more financing from the EU. He said that it is possible that Foreign Affairs Minister, Miguel Angel Moratinos, will be the Central Government minister in question. Garau was not able to give any other details on the nature of the summit or the location at which it will be held. Garau gave a very positive overview of the Brussels trip and of its outcome although he said the Balearics still needs to keep up the pressure for funding. Director of the Balearic European Centre who organised the journey, Catalina Alemany said that until last week, the Balearics seemed to have been “largely unknown” in Brussels. It was “high time to introduce ourselves,” she said yesterday.