Joan Collins MARINA Sans, the deputy Mayor of Infrastructures, said that the work to remodel the Plaza España will begin tomorrow. The work is expected to be finished by November and has a budget of 484'234 euros. The most important aspect of the work is the installation of a small pond at the bottom of the statue of King Jaume I riding a horse. The pond will have a small waterfall and will be illuminated at night. On the left of the pond palm trees will be planted. For decades there used to be a small pond on the spot but this was demolished after the last reform of the Plaza, which was done when the last council was in office. During the last reform six benches, which were made of stone and wrought iron and designed by the modernist architect Gaspar Bennassar, were also withdrawn. Four of these will be returned to the Plaza and placed next to the meteorological tower which was also designed by Gaspar Bennassar. The other two benches cannot be returned to the Plaza because they are in such a bad state. The last remodelling of the Plaza España was done between Summer 2001 and Summer 2002, when Joan Fageda was Mayor of Palma. Sans said that this time two of the existing flower beds in the Plaza will be enlarged and there will be nine new lamp posts, each one with three lights. At the same time the surface of the Plaza will be treated with an anti-slip surface, similar to that which was applied to the Plaza de Santa Eulalia. All of these works will be carried out simultaneously. Also, the work to remodel the Borne will begin next week.