STAFF REPORTER THE Town Council in Alcudia is negotiating with the Central Government Ministry for Defence and the regional Ministry for the Environment over the possibility of the Cap de Pinar headland, in theory a military stronghold, opening up to the public in the summer. From the end of the Spanish Civil War, the zone has been kept strictly for non-civilian use and as a result now boasts virgin beaches and unspoiled natural landscape hosting a variety of flora and fauna. The three institutions have held a series of meetings on the feasibility of Cap de Pinar opening its hitherto tightly closed boundaries as soon as this coming high season. Although no concrete agreement has been made, indications are that the public will be able to visit the area during four months of the year. One thing remained clear, however, and that is that any civilian population going to Cap de Pinar will have to do so from the land side of the headland as approach by sea is strictly prohibited. The military are also reserving the right to take back total control should the need arise.