RESEARCH by Kuoni has revealed that more than half of life's big decisions are made on holiday – and travel agents can have a “massive” impact on people's lives by making sure the decisions are taken in the right environment.

The operator delved into the psyche of holidaymakers when it surveyed more than 2'000 UK households about their behaviour for its Kuoni Holiday Report 2010.

Kuoni's research released this week showed just how many of life's big decisions are made on holiday. More than half of respondents said they had made a major change in their life as a result of a holiday discussion.

These changes included getting engaged, deciding to start or add to a family, changing careers or even ending a relationship.
Psychotherapist and health writer Christine Webber, who helped present the findings, said that a holiday was often a make or break time for a relationship. “The busiest times for counselling service Relate are actually January and September, after two major holiday periods,” she said.