By Humphrey Carter PALMA

TOMORROW, the world famous British pioneer of skin care and beauty therapy, Lillian Maund, is going to be expanding her global network of training schools and clinics by opening a Lillian Maund Training Centre here in Majorca.

The new centre will combine the training school with a clinic which is going to be open to the public and which will be staffed by highly trained Lillian Maund professionals and students so that they gain hands on experience during their unique training.

Lillian comes from an era when beauty and make-up was a fledging, if not non existent, industry in the UK.
In fact, Lillian wanted to be a dancer but the excesses of physical training took its toll on her so she decided to move into modelling and then beauty and skin care.

Her step father, a member of the Salvation Army, as one would expect, was not too enamoured with her decision but, as her husband a former Chief Inspector in the police force describes her, she is a “wild stallion” and nothing was going to stop her - even if at times it meant keeping the Chief Inspector in the dark! Lillian did however have an understanding Godfather and he sent her to Brussels and Paris to study beauty treatment, therapy and the actual making and developing of cosmetics with the leaders of the industry at the time and by the end of the end of the 60's she had set up her first clinic and was busy treating the wealthy Cheshire set.

Gradually, her empire expanded and today, the name of Lillian Maund is synonymous from Hong King to Houston and she has personally been contracted to care for the skin of some of the Far East and Saudi Arabia's royal families.

She is also in huge demand lecturing all over the world and regularly appears on international television and radio programmes.
But, what gives her the greatest satisfaction is seeing her students graduate from her schools with an international certificate which is highly recognised and accepted all over the world.

Part of her unique approach is her Total Beauty Concept which is a structured approach to business and professional advancement.
This involves examining the business at every stage and coordinating sales to maximise earning potential of every client. She carries this sound principal through her own business dealings. By packaging professional products together she ensures that her high quality is complemented by beauty products of an equal standard, whilst making sure that the name of Lillian Maund is etched on the consciousness of clients and therapists alike.

All of the products used at her clinics and schools are from her own range and Lillian adamantly opposes plastic surgery and botox etc. “The skin is designed to protect us, so why are we injecting substances into it. “We can't stop the aging process so why can't people get accustomed to growing old gracefully and the correct solution is to know how to care for one's skin. “Natural techniques is the best solution. “What we're seeing lately is a huge increase in male and Asian clients and students for example because they too are realising the importance of looking after their skin and that is where we've had to work with different skin pigmentations and develop special and unique treatments for Asian clients,” she explained.

As Chairman of International Aestheticiennes, beauty's leading professional and examining body, she has developed examination syllabuses that ensure that new entrants to the beauty industry are prepared for the new century and she admits that with her qualifications, her students are almost guaranteed work any where in the world, such as here in Majorca, once they complete their training.