ANDRATX council has begun a new phase of the pedestrianisation of the second line of the sea front in the Port of Andratx.
In fact, they have begun paving a stretch of some 500 metres of the Calle Isaac Peral, adding to the pedestrianisation which has already been done in this street.

Mayor Jaume Porsell and the councillor Sebastia Reus visited the works, which is expected to cost 191'135 euros and is expected to be finished in time for the Easter celebrations at the beginning of April.

The pedestrianisation of this street has the support of the residents.
What is evident is that this street is one of the busiest in the Port.
There are many businesses there and the pedestrianisation of this area will allow both residents and visitors to walk about without having to watch out for traffic.

Many resorts along the coast are trying to divert traffic away from the sea front, to make the ports more attractive.
Soller is another example, where the recently opened Sa Mola tunnel carries traffic away from the port.
Road works have to be finished by the start of the tourist season.