CALLE Jacint Verdaguer has been changed beyond all recognition.
After years of having the train lines passing over it, now, after 24 months of works, it appears very different, with the train lines hidden underground.

It now has three lanes and a wide pedestrian area through which many people and vehicles have passed during the last few days.
The remodelling of this road was incorporated in the works to put the train lines underground, which started in January 2005.
The works had a total cost of 29'036'279 euros, which included putting the train lines underground on a stretch between the Via Cintura and Calle Gabriel Maura, the underground station in Calle Jacint Verdaguer, the Son Costa station and the remodelling of the surface area of the Calle Jacint Verdaguer.

The new space created is 50'000 square metres and has a length of little more than one kilometre.
The remodelling has, from the outset, had the opposition of the Plataforma del Parc de les Vies who proposed the creation of the Central Park in this road.

However, the new appearance of this road is not to all tastes.
Some groups think that there could have been more green areas created.
Other groups, however, think that the existing appearance of the area is much better than it was previously, and they approve of the reforms.