NEWS DESK PALMA will be the first city in the country to have its traffic light system working off an electricity saving scheme. In just a few weeks, 10'000 coloured lights throughout the municipality will be functioning off new technology which could save the city up to 200'000 euros a year in costs.

As of today's date, 6'000 of this figure have already been realigned to the new system and the rest will reportedly be completed by the end of the month. Palma City Council's Transport department said yesterday that the lights functioning off the energy saving programme are more visible at night and trigger lower amounts of CO2 emissions in comparison with conventional traffic signalling. A spokesman said that within a year, the new lighting will mean that 1'587 tonnes less of carbon dioxide will have been thrown into the atmosphere. The installation of the new technology has largely been thanks to the Institute for Energy Saving whose programme of low energy light replacement was begun in Palma some ten years ago. When it is fully up and running, the state-of-the-art adaptation will now mean that the traffic signalling system will need 2'404 megawatts less per hour.