NEARLY 300 guests at a hotel in Santa Ponsa were evacuated yesterday after fire broke out in the kitchens.
Three people had to received treatment for smoke inhalation although none were seriously affected.
The fire caused extensive material damage to installations at the hotel located in Calle Puig Major, but the flames were quickly extinguished by officers of the Majorcan Fire Service who have a station close to the hotel.

The fire reportedly broke out around midday in a deep fat fryer. Flames shot up as far as the extractor hood above and soon a dense smoke was spreading throughout the kitchen at which point the alarm was raised.

As a precautionary measure, the majority of clients who were on the premises at the time were evacuated, although some remained in their rooms with the windows and doors closed once the Local Police, Guardia Civil and Fire Service had taken control of the situation.

Officers checked that the fire had not spread to floors above the kitchen via the chimney. Powerful extractors finally rid the kitchen and other parts of the hotel from lingering smoke.

Once it was ascertained that the blaze had been completely extinguished and that there was no danger to personnel or guests, permission was given for people to return to their rooms.

Dozens found out about the mishap hours later because they had been out for most of the day.