Palma.—The accident happened at 7.25am near the sewage plant as the young man was driving to work in Calvia.
For reasons which remain unconfirmed but are being investigated, the car suddenly skidded and the driver lost control of the vehicle.
According to a statement given by the driver, his car suddenly careered across the central reservation, hit a low wall and flipped some 25 metres over the crash barrier.

According to Local Police and the driver, from the moment of losing control of the vehicle, the car covered a distance of some 75 metres, most of that in the air.

Blow to the head
However, despite the impact of the accident, the driver, who was fortunately wearing a seat belt, was able to get out of the vehicle.
All he has received was a severe blow to the head as a result of the vehicle flipping over.
According to members of the Andratx Local Police force first at the scene, the driver's life was saved by the seat belt. “The young man should be grateful that he's been born again. “The seat belt prevented him from being flung out of the car and against any number of potentially fatal objects. This accident is a perfect example of just how important it is for drivers and passengers to use all the available security systems,” one officer said.

The accident did not cause any disruption to traffic although it did take most of the morning to remove the vehicle.