B Y the end of the financial year 2003, the power supply company in the Balearics, Gesa Endesa, had increased its client base by 2.32 percent in respect of the previous year. At the official year end, the company registered 598'391 customers in the Islands but yesterday, records topped the 600'000 mark.
Out of the total of last year's clients, 466'487 were subscribed in Majorca, 58'296 on Minorca and 75'217 on Ibiza and Formentera. Company forecasts had augured an increase of between 2.3 and 2.5 percent.< Gesa Endesa reported that during the course of last year, 8'470 new contracts were signed with users, with individual attention being provided to customers through telephone and Internet networks, and 22 service points. The public sector proved the highest consumer during 2003, using a total of 2'538 million kilowatt hours (kwh), 53 percent of the total power output. The second highest user sector was in private homes with 1'744 million kwh (37 percent of the total).