NEWS DESK THE Balearic government's Emergency department issued a weather alert yesterday, reporting that following information received from the National Met Office, powerful coastal winds are expected to batter the Islands from tomorrow through to midnight on Friday.

Although a “Yellow Alert” (IG-0) was issued describing the expected adverse weather conditions as being “within normal limits,” it warned there is a 20 to 40 percent chance of them being “potentially dangerous.” With yesterday's temperature settling at a wintry low, significant rises later this week will accompany the full force of the wind. The Emergency department therefore issued advice to the public to act with caution and recommended that those living in premises with balconies in a poor state of repair take action to get them shored up to prevent falling masonry when the high winds set in. Bringing inside ornaments and flower pots from outside ledges will also decrease the risk to passers by. The department said that it is further advisable to keep doors and shutters closed to prevent breakage. A spokesman added that unless it is absolutely necessary to be outside, it is better not to venture out but should this prove necessary, staying away from scaffolding and building sites was important. Exercise extreme caution when driving, stay away from cliffs and the seafront, and stop any water sports, were other sections of advice offered by the department.