Staff Reporter WORKERS at the troubled pearl factory Majórica in Manacor, staged a dramatic protest yesterday, claiming that the company was “in the hands of pirates.” A group of 100 or so workers, mainly from the jewellery sector, left their workplace to protest at the situation of the company, which wants to slash jobs. They say that the situation has got worse since Drasan Limited acquired 50 percent of the company. After putting up banners calling members of the management “thieves” and “liars” they set up a scaffold with a dummy dressed as a pirate hanging from it. One of the demonstrators, dressed as an executioner and wielding a sword, then “cut its throat” saying “Justice has been done. The pirate has been judged and condemned under pirate law, he will be hanged from the mast until he hands over the papers requested or is prepared to negotiate.” A spokesman, Guillem Vives, vowed to “fight to the finish.” He claimed that there was a pact between the Balearic government, Manacor council and management, as “so far we have not been presented with the viability plan.” A union spokesman, Guillem Vadel, accused the local labour ministry of not doing its job. He said it had fined the company for not complying with risk prevent regulations, but has not forced it to correct the deficiencies. He added “this makes us think that there is a pact of silence, because from a political point of view, Majórica is a hot potato.” Management has said that it wants to keep production in Manacor, although it is believed to be contemplating slashing up to 200 jobs. Just last month, the Balearic government said it would help the firm if an industrial plan could be agreed and said it was willing to mediate.