STAFF REPORTER ELEVEN years after its closure, the old cinema in Alcudia owned by the Pico family, has reopened its doors as a spectacular classic Roman restaurant. The conversion is the work of Pierro Rossi, a businessman of Italian origin living on Majorca. He presented his ambitious new project yesterday evening explaining to a select audience that the remodelling of the emblematic cinema building had been no easy task and had taken a good two years to complete. In the old auditorium, once lined with seating for film enthusiasts, a stunning mosaic now greets the visitor. The dome of the ceiling is now covered by subtle fresco work - the creation of artist Christan Pankoff who undertook to repaint the interior. His mural work transports the visitor back to the days of ancient Rome with representations of Bacchanalian figures unashamedly enjoying the pleasures of wine and women. Inspired by the work of ancient Roman writer Petronius, the restaurant has been christened “Satiricon” and its interior decor carefully replicates some classic works of art.