Palma.—Another day and another lucky escape in Majorca.
Just after 11am, the village of Bunyola was shaken by a noise which many local residents claim they thought was that of a helicopter crashing.
In fact, tons of rocks, some of them giant boulders, were raining down on a local property from the sa Gubia mountain, near the Can Pesano restaurant estate, above.

Fortunately, no one was injured and one property had to be evacuated after a giant rock crashed into the roof, coming to rest just in the bathroom.
The 112 emergency centre received scores of calls from residents reporting the rock shower and fire fighters, ambulances, Guardia Civil and Local Police units were immediately deployed to the scene braced for the worst.

Engineers quickly ascertained that a rock weighing some 20 tons had come away from the mountain side and as it hurtled down towards the village split up into multiple pieces. “I saw it falling, it was flying and bouncing. I had no idea where it was heading,” one eyewitness said.
Fire chief Juan Cifuentes said that the giant rock had fallen from a height of some 300 metres and at a gradient of 80 percent “So it really would have been travelling at a serious speed, like a missile.” But, while no one was hurt, one house was seriously damaged as one of the larger pieces slammed into its roof.
All of the roads leading to the area were closed off and at least four other properties were evacuated while a geologist began an investigation into what caused the potentially fatal rock fall. Experts said it could have been caused either by the recent rains or natural erosion.