THE number of cars circulating in the Balearics grew by 131'635 vehicles between 1997 and 2001, the majority of them were private cars and lorries with number plates belonging to Palma and Calvia. A statistics report was released yesterday by the regional Economy ministry showing that the greatest increase, of 99'841 cars, was witnessed on Majorca in this period of time, with 13'022 more on Minorca and 17'946 extra on Ibiza. Palma registered the greatest number of new number plates (37'490) followed by Calvia (8'242), Manacor (5'980), Marratxí (5'505) and Llucmajor (3'733).
The increase according to type of vehicle was greatest in the area of private cars which grew by 100'525 in number. The majority of them were concentrated on Majorca. In 2001, of the 442'817 private cars in circulation, 221'331 were registered in Palma. Further down the list came the number of lorries in the Balearics, (98'895); motorcycles (64'725); coaches (2'318); tractors (1'327) and an “other” section (8'248). On Majorca, the number of vehicles, excluding private cars, reached higher figures than those registered on Ibiza and Minorca. Official records point to 73'372 lorries, 47'361 motorcycles and 1'715 coaches.