UNEMPLOYMENT fell significantly (7.41 percent) in the Balearics during the month of February.
Throughout Spain unemployment fell in 12 autonomous regions and rose in five. Behind the Balearics came Aragon with a decrease of 2.61 percent in unemployment. The Canaries led the regions where unemployment rose with 2.14 percent more, and the autonomous towns of Ceuta and Melilla had a large rise of 20.24 percent.

Throughout Spain unemployment decreased by 7'233 people in February, some 0.35 percent less than in January, bringing the total of unemployed people in Spain to 2'075'275.

In addition to the decreases in the Balearics and Aragon, unemployment also decreased in Asturias (1.82 percent less), Cantabria (1.7 percent), Galicia (1.64 percent), Cataluña (1.44 percent), Navarra (1.08 percent), Extremadura (0.76 percent), and La Rioja (0.44 percent). Unemployment also fell by below the national average of 0.35 percent in Andalucia (0.31 percent), Valencia (0.23 percent), and Castilla and Leon (0.09 percent).

At the other end of the scale unemployment rose in Murcia (1.52 percent), Madrid (1.17 percent), Castilla-La Mancha (0.46 percent), and the Basque region (0.34 percent) in addition to the Canaries and the towns of Ceuta and Melilla.

In absolute terms, unemployment fell most in Cataluña (3'765 people), with the Balearics having a similar number (3'471), followed by Galicia (2'679), Andalucia (1'515) and Asturias (1'031).

With regard to the same month for last year (interannual figure), unemployment fell in all autonomous regions (and the town of Ceuta), except Andalucia where it rose by 0.28 percent, and the town of Melilla where it rose 2.38 percent.