IN spite of yesterday's rainfall which lashed the eastern sector of the Balearics driven by winds which gusted at 80 kilometres per hour, the Met Office says that the bad weather which the region has been experiencing is finally coming to an end.

Director Agustín Jansa said yesterday that the worst affected areas had been northeast Majorca - sierra de Alfabia and Capdepera -and Minorca where squalls of up to 130 kph had been witnessed whipping up waves to a height of six metres. “The average should be no more than half-a-metre,” he added. The port of Mahon in Minorca eventually opened its doors to allow the docking of the superferry Pau Casals, (pictured) which had been kept away from the shore by dangerously heavy seas for almost 36 hours after its journey from Barcelona on the night of 4th February with 20 passengers and 40 crew on board.

Plunging temperatures over the past few days have resulted in high demand for electricity, pushing the maximum usage levels recorded so far this year up by a soaring 17.9 percent. The Sierra Alfabia had an icy minimum temperature on Thursday of only 1.5 degrees with Lluc being only slightly warmer at 2.7 degrees. Nevertheless, by last Thursday afternoon, temperatures had begun to climb an average of 2 degrees across the Islands with 12.3 and 12.5 degrees being registered in Portopi and Pollensa (Majorca) respectively; 9.1 on Minorca and 12 on Ibiza. Today could see rainfall again in Minorca but winds will continue to die down.