THE BBC's Top Gear department yesterday confirmed that Jeremy Clarkson, James May and David Hammond are coming to film and participate in the Majorcan Classic car rally later this month but access to the three presenters and the crew is strictly forbidden. “They're going down there to work and they take it very seriously,” said a Top Gear spokesperson.
However, that is not going to spoil the fun of the Top Gear fans and classic car enthusiasts as the drivers and cars are all going to be on public display, all the more reason to get tickets for the final day at the Lluchmajor race track to see the Top Gear trio in action.

In the meantime, the rally teams are continuing to fine tune their vehicles across Europe before having them carefully transported down to the island.
But, one classic car owner in particular is facing a major dilemma.
Simon Jones who owns the Escape Bar in Palma has a classic 1981 Ferrari Mondial 8 sitting in his garage.
He said that it runs and drives well but he has not got the funds to enter the rally.
However, if a mechanic, engineer and a sponsor are looking for a classic car to enter the rally, he is more than prepared to let them race his Ferrari.

The rally starts on the evening of Wednesday March 18.
For track tickets contact: