Q. Are there many things left for you to do during this period of government? A. Yes, many things. Some of them are outstanding from other periods of office, but there are things which are very important for the future, such as public transport and education, which should be a priority for any government.

Are you worried about losing votes because of of the motorways you have built?
No. Today nobody can dispute that we have done things, and that for the first time in many years we have had a government which has provided solutions. There has been institutional stability thanks to our pact with the UM (Majorcan Nationalists).

Are the criticisms of the building of the new Son Dureta exagerrated?
This is a question of political opposition. It is difficult to allow the current government build a hospital of when you were unable to carry out such a project when in power. The reform of the existing Son Dureta would be a step backwards, and would also take seven to 10 years. The new hospital will become the best medical centre in Spain.

Do you think that the intermodal station in the Plaza España and the metro are the star projects of your government?
It is evident that we have concentrated our efforts on public transport. If you want people to use public transport you have to offer a modern, fast and safe service which is a real alternative to using the car. The starting point had to be the centre of Palma, the Plaza España. It is a station that the Majorcans deserve. It is not like Barcelona or Madrid. It is our station. From now, any government can increase the metro line and create new train routes to any part of the island. Without this station, it would be much more difficult to do that.

You have said that education is one of the priorities of your government. Doesn't it worry you that the Balearics is the region with the highest pupil failure rate?

Yes. I think that the problem with education is money. We have tripled the investment made by the previous government, but we have had an increase in pupils of 30 percent and we have not received any financial help from Madrid. We are lacking money to offer quality education. Our proposal of trilingual education, together with free choice of school, is vital for the future.

The Partido Popular was not inititialy in favour of reforming the Statute, but everyone, especially you, has praised the modification of the Statute. Do you regret anything you said?

No because I firmly believe that the Statute was not a priority for the Balearics. And I continue to believe that if the Statute was put to a referendum today, the result would be worse than in Cataluña and Andalucia. But circumstances forced us into it to get the same financing that other regions get.

Is there a crisis between the PP and the UM?
There have been many, many more good things than bad things and I have no complaints about the UM's behaviour.
Would it be a good thing to repeat the pact with the UM in your next period of office?
I don't want to repeat it because I want the PP govern and be able to implement its programme. We want to win and absolute majority. To achieve what we promise. We said that we would build roads and we have done that. We also promised that we would abolish Inheritance Tax and we have done that. We have also created a regional television service and all this as the region emerged from economic recession.

Unemployment has fallen in the Balearics, there are more and better jobs, and the tourists are coming back to Majorca. In the forthcoming local elections there will be a debate about questions of justice and policing, but comparing the perormnace of the previous government led by Francensc Antich to that of the PP is also going to inevitible. I accept that Antich says that the “green” tax was a mistake and that they have ditched it, but it doesn't matter. We must compare government performance as a whole.

Which proposal by Antich has suprised you most?
Which proposals are you talking about?
Those which he has come up with to date. Can't you name one?
I don't know what to say to you. Apart from renouncing the “green” tax, I don't know of anything new said by Antich.
Did it surprise you that Antich has renounced the “green” tax?
A bit, because now those who could be his government colleagues are saying that they want to reintroduce the “green” tax. The drama that is the PSOE (Spanish Socialist Party) believes it is a credible alternative. This is an error and we will lose everything if they are elected. Remember, when they were in pwoer, they built 700 metres of roads in four years. “Andratx was a bad moment” You said that your government would be transparent but what happened on November 27 in Andratx was a turning point. Would you rather that day had not happened?

Evidently we had a bad moment, a very complicated and terrible situation. Nobody wants to live through events such as Andratx. It was terrible. We made a mistake and nobody likes to make mistakes. And I made a mistake.

You recognise that you made a mistake?
I appointed the Mayor of Andratx, who governed with the socialists, and the consequences were very serious. It is necessary to take responsibility for that mistake and respond with severity. In these cases, the important thing is to assume responsibility, as I said, and crack down on it. I hope that the behaviour of a few will not damage the rest. There was political exploitation, which is another story. I think that it is unfair that these things can soil all politicians.

What to you mean?
With a case like this, I think that if the opposition make political capital out of it, the most they can expect is that people will not vote. I think that all politicians are equal but it is not so. The election cannot be won by destroying your adversary. This is a strategical error.

Is it possible to create mechanisms to avoid more “Andratx cases”?
The laws are in place, but it is for the Justice department to take action. The law is in place and must be complied with.
Do you think that an absolute majority for the PP has given an excess of confidence to some in your party?
No, because this case is not representative of the general behaviour. What is a tremendous injustice is having the shadow of doubt hanging over us.
Remember that they tried to implicate the Government, unfairly, and that is not true.
The judge said so.
What happened in Andratx is an isolated incident.
It is not general.