YESTERDAY was not a Monday like any other for the S'Alzinar school in Capdepera. The news of the tragic death of little Saimonas Kulikovas on Saturday night in a house fire filled the school with sadness. Saimonas, of Lithuanian origin, had studied here for 18 months. “He was a normal and nice little boy, who played with the other children, took part in everything, was very independent and no problem at all. He was perfectly integrated. He spoke both Catalan and Castellano equally”, said one of his teachers, who said that the entire school was very upset by the tragedy. On Sunday, after hearing the news, the teachers met to discuss how to break the sad news to the other pupils. “It is very painful. It is inexplicable”, said the teacher, adding “his mother was a woman who was very interested in her son's education, she came to all the meetings and concerned herself with his studies. This has been a blow for all of us”. The heads of the school said that, given that the event was so recent, they had not yet given thought to any act of tribute to Saimonas and they would respect the wishes of his mother. “We are at her disposal for anything she needs”. The social services have also been in contact with his mother to offer her their support.