ANTIC Art 2007 closed its doors on Sunday after nine days.
The Art and Antiquities Fair had 43 exhibitors whose stands occupied 1'500 square metres.
With regard to sectors represented, there was a large number of antique dealers, auction houses, art galleries, collectors and restorers.
The sales of antiques and works of art is believed to have exceeded a thousand, more or less the same as last year, although as yet there are no official figures available.

Both the organisers and the exhibitors are generally pleased with the way things have gone this year.
According to the organisers, the most sold items were tables, among them a large Victorian walnut table from the early 19th century.
Also among the most popular items were chairs, chests of drawers and decorative objects.
Possibly the most popular style among the purchasers was the English style.
With regard to paintings, according to the organisers of the Fair, there were canvasses from Chico Prats, Genovart, Caldentey, Aguilar Caballero and Escudero, amongst others.

With regard to the public, it is estimated that around 11'000 people visited Antic Art '07. The organisers said that the public appeared pleased with the new exhibition centre situated in the airport's former A Terminal.

A free bus service was laid on for the fair.