THE Balearics and Madrid are the autonomous regions which had the greatest amount of occupation in tourist apartments during the month of January, while Valencia led the way for camping, according to the Poll for the Occupation of Non Hotel Tourist Accommodation, made public yesterday by the INE (National Institute of Statistics).

The average occupation for apartments in Spain was 39.77 percent, camping had an average of 36.14 percent, and rural tourist accommodation 9.13 percent, according to figures from the INE.

With regard to the apartments, behind the Balearics and Madrid, with 34.76 and 43.05 percent respectively, come Navarra (25.35 percent), Catalonia (24.15 percent), Aragon (23.57 percent) and the Basque Country (23.49 percent).

As for camping, after Valencia, with an occupation of 59.12 percent, come Murcia (58.66 percent) and La Rioja (56.67 percent).
With regard to rural tourism, the Canary islands was the region with the highest occupation, above 27 percent, followed by the Balearics (16.33 percent), Madrid (15.11 percent), the Basque Country (13.38 percent) and Aragon (11.02 percent).

In absolute terms the highest number of overnight stays in apartments was recorded in the Canaries, with more than 3.6 million, followed by Valencia with more than 300'000, and Andalucia, which exceeded 250'000.

Valencia had the highest number of overnight stays on campsites, with more than 357'000, followed by Andalucia, with 162'177, and Murcia with 126'963.
With regard to rural tourism, the greatest number of overnight stays was in Castilla-Leon (47'305), followed by the Canaries (34'193).