Palma.—Palma's Local Police force is continuing to keep a close eye on the activities of the various immigrant communities in the capital and on Friday night, a 30-strong unit raided a well known disco.

The police mounted the raid just after 2am yesterday morning and once inside the establishment the police discovered a number of illegal items and substances.

According to police sources yesterday, traces of cocaine were found, some of it apparently strewn across the floor as clients tried to dump the drugs as soon as the police arrived.

Quantities of marijuana were also found.
A weapon was also confiscated and at least five minors were also found on the premises.
The owners of the establishment apparently admitted that they had let the juveniles in but assured police that they had not taken any drugs.
No arrests were made but the owners could find themselves facing a considerable fine.
Police sources said yesterday that more raids are going to be carried out as part of a crack down on drugs and petty crime.