THE Majorcan Sobrasada Regulating Council yesterday started a cycle of sobrasada tasting sessions to make people aware of the distinct characteristics of this product.

The main objective of this initiative is to make people aware of the taste, aroma, visual qualities, and texture of this traditional pork treat, which can be eaten raw, spread on bread, or used in a variety of dishes.

Public personalities will be invited to the tastings. Yesterday's tasting had the President of the Majorcan Restaurateurs Association, Antoni Mas, as a guest.

The President of the Majorcan Sobrasada Regulating Council, Mateu Castello, accompanied Mas to yesterday's tasting session, together with professional tasters who were informed about sobrasada and its different forms, according to Council sources.

The Regulating council represents 25 companies which produce sobrasada on the island. The tastings will take place every 15 days.