THE spokesperson for the CCOO trade union, Pedro Castro, has confirmed that both his union and the SPPME union are planning a demonstration by officers of the Local Police Force on March 16 between 5 and 8pm, which is expected to cause major traffic disruptions.

The demonstrators will be using private vehicles and motorbikes. Castro said that the action was to show their disagreement with the latest offer presented by the ruling party on Palma city council, resulting from meetings between the two parties relating to possible changes in the working conditions and pay of the Local Police Force.

The CSIF, USO, STEI-i and UGT unions, who have also taken part in these meetings, will not be taking part in the demonstration.
At the moment, there is disagreement about the backdating of any rises to October 2005, and the increase in the levels of extra allowance for working in the Balearics.

In addition to this, the unions are asking for a monthly increase of 300 euros on basic pay, while the council is only prepared to offer 60 euros.
The union representative added that the demonstration will start at the Son Moix car park and go through the Cami de La Vileta, Cami dels Reis, the Valldemossa road, Calle General Riera, the Avenidas, the Llevant motorway, the Paseo Maritimo, the Avenida Argentina, the Paseo de Mallorca, Jaume III, the Borne, the Plaza de la Reina, and the Calle Conquistador, ending up at the Plaza Cort, which could cause serious traffic problems in the centre of the city.

He also said that, on March 29, the day the council will be meeting, a demonstration in front of the council offices in Plaza Cort is planned. This will take place between 10am and 1pm.