OSCAR winner Slumdog Millionaire is still the top movie in Majorca as cinemagoers flock to see the feelgood film which has swept all before it.
The multi-award winning tale of an Indian slum dweller who wins a top TV quiz show was seen by more than 1.75 million people across Spain last week. Almost five million have seen the movie since its release. It is just as popular in Palma and is being shown in English at the Renoir.

Another Oscar winner, The Reader, starring Kate Winslet, is also being shown in English at Palma's Porto Pi complex. It was seen by almost 700'000 people in Spain last week. The British actress won a Best Actress Oscar for her portrayal of a female German soldier. Also in Spain's movie top 10 is The Wrestler, featuring Mickey Rourke. Over 192'000 cinemagoers in Spain caught the picture last week and it is proving popular with customers at Palma's Renoir where it is being shown in English.