By Humphrey Carter


THE British community here on the island is again this year opening its hearts to British servicemen and women who have been wounded while serving in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The initiative of helping the heroes here on the island began nearly two years ago when a former Irish Guard resident on the island made a plea through the Bulletin for help in entertaining a young Royal Marine, Andy Grant, who was seriously wounded during front line action in Helmand Province.

He has since lost the bottom half of his right leg.

The British community jumped to the marine's help and he and his girlfriend enjoyed a wonderful holiday on the island courtesy of the local British residents.

Of the many people who came forward offering free meals at local bars and restaurants, tickets to shows, boat trips, BBQs etc., a few made their homes available to the wounded.

From apartments to an enormous finca in the north east of the island, the campaign to help the heroes in Majorca quickly gathered momentum.


Last year, three groups from the Light Dragoons came over to the island while a number of individual cases were also entertained.
And, this year, the initiative continues.
There is going to be another fund raising cricket match over Easter and the Mallorca Cricket Club and three groups of wounded, some seriously, servicemen and women from the Grenadier Guards will be coming out for a fortnight at the beginning and end of the summer.

A few wounded members of the Light Dragoons may also be coming over after having heard what a great time their fellow colleagues had last year.
The Anglican congregation of St. Andrews Church in Puerto Pollensa has been vital in making the large group holidays a success.
Not only is part of the weekly collection set aside for helping the heroes, the local community rallies round to help in any, shape or form when the soldiers are here but extra help is always welcome because these trips have become a very important part of their recuperation and rehabilitation.

Coming to Majorca with their partners gives the wounded a chance to get away from their every day surroundings and medical routine.
For the more seriously wounded, frustration can often set in when the rehab stalls along with boredom of the routine, so coming to Majorca on holiday serves to give the troops a major boost and new determination to overcome their injuries and get fit and healthy again.


Those housing the elite Grenadier Guards and the Light Dragoons would be grateful for any extra help in looking after or entertaining the wounded soldiers when they are here and should any one wish to offer their assistance, then please email the Bulletin and all mail will be passed on to those responsible in strict confidentiality.