THE Balearic Minister of Public Works, Mabel Cabrer, repeated yesterday in Parliament that trains would be running underground from September, although the intermodal station won't be open to the public for another year (September 2007). In reply to a question by Margalida Rossello of the Green Party, Cabrer said that the underground works will stop the vibrations the trains make as they pass through the tunnels. “The worst of the work is over. In a month and a half, all the tunnels will be complete, although we will have to wait for the opening of the intermodal station. In September the trains will be able to run underground”, she said. Cabrer said that she was “reasonably confident” about the underground work, and she insisted that the structural problems that Santa Isabel school experienced went back to before the work started. “When the past Government increased the frequency of the trains, some pieces of plaster fell down in the school. Palma council had to repair them”, she said. Cabrer explained to Rossello that the problems with Santa Isabel would be solved by the time the new school year starts.