AN average of 1'600 people a day are applying for the new “citizen's card”, according to Alvaro Gijon, deputy mayor of the Citizen Security department and President of EMT (Palma's municipal bus company)
Palma council's initial forecast was that an average of 100 people a day would apply for it.
Gijon admitted that during the last few days, there had been queues fo get the new swipe card, both in the central offices of EMT and the Public Service offices (UIAP) in the Plaza de Santa Eulalia. The councillor said that they now have new printing machines for the new card, one in the EMT offices, and one in each of the seven existing UAIP offices, and another in EMT's headquarters.

Gijon announced that during the next few days the council will have five more printers and also next week they will provisionally install a marquee in the Plaza España so that it will be easier to get the new card, which is now available within 24 hours maximum.

He also said that the council is studying the possibility of using the council office in Calle Isidoro Antillon to help in distributing the cards.
In any case, Gijón recommended that, to avoid possible queues, citizens should go to the UIAP offices situated in the Avenidas, Sant Ferran and S'Escorxador, which are the ones with least people to attend to at the moment.

Since the second phase for applying for the new card was opened in the middle of February, some 20'000 cards have already been issued. Gijon also said that in February EMT had finished sending out the 112'000 new cards which had been applied for last year.