Palma.—The band of cold weather, torrential rain -which turned to snow in the mountains - and gale force winds caught Majorca and Minorca by surprise. While torrential rain caused severe flooding in the north and north east of the island, the worst incident happened in the south east.

Just after 2pm, a fiercely strong gust of wind hit a large group of cyclists along the road between Colonia de Sant Jordi and sa Rapita blowing a 64-year-old cyclist across the road in to the path of a land Rover driven by a German woman.

Everything happened so quickly and unexpectedly, the driver had no time to stop and was unable to avoid the cyclist.
The victim was left unconscious on the road and tragically by the time a team of 061 paramedics reached the scene, there was nothing that could have been done to have saved his life.