TESTS have shown that bacteria discovered in the medium stay unit at Son Dureta's maternity-infants wing are not the same strain which caused the death of three premature babies in Madrid in February.

Josep Corcoll, a spokesman for the Balearic health and consumer affairs ministry, said that the local authorities had applied the appropriate measures for this case, namely, the analysis of the bacteria found to determine what is the best treatment.

Corcoll underlined the fact that the system of tackling infections is “very well established” and that, when a possible infection is suspected, the area is isolated and the appropriate tests are done. “We acted with all speed”, he insisted.

Five premature babies of the 14 which were transferred from the medium stay unit in Son Dureta were put into quarantine to rule out any infection.
The area was cleaned and disinfected and the rest of the babies returned to the unit.
The cause of death of the three premature babies in Madrid's 12 de Octubre hospital was the bacteria klebsiella pneumoniae.
Twenty-three babies are still in quarantine there, one of them in serious condition, although it has not been confirmed that they have been infected by the bacteria.

A spokesman for the hospital said that strict cleaning and security measures had been adopted and will be maintained until the last of the babies is discharged.