STAFF REPORTER A TOTAL of 138 drivers were fined 150 euros each and had three points deducted from their licence during the “clunk click” safety campaign conducted by the Guardia Traffic between the 9th and 22nd of last month.

The Balearic Traffic department reported that the number of people who were stopped by police at control points in private cars and weren't wearing safety belts ran to 118, whilst a further 20 were similarly caught driving goods vehicles. The Guardia Civil campaign, which wlas simultaneously being conducted in the rest of Spain, had been exhaustive and by the time it drew to a close, 9'203 people had been stopped on the roads in the Balearics for the checks. The numbers included 414 taxi drivers, 325 buses and 1'808 vans and lorries used for freight transportation. The Traffic department said that six children under twelve-years-old were found not to be wearing safety belts, in which case the driver of the vehicle carrying them was fined.

At a national level, 9'413 drivers, 2'609 passengers and 513 children under the age of 12 were found not be using seat belts, as required by law. With 22 percent of people dying on the roads as a result of their not wearing safety belts, the Guardia Civil campaign revealed that the public still has a way to go to realising the importance of the safety measure.