AT three o'clock yesterday morning a Finnish man was killed crossing the Paseo Maritimo in Palma
According to witnesses a black Volkswagen Golf, being driven at great speed, collided with him. They couldn't see the driver but the impact damaged the front of the vehicle. The driver did not stop. When the witnesses went to help him he was still breathing, but he was dying. An ambulance was called to the scene, but the man had horrific head and facial injuries, and was bleeding heavily. They tried to stabilise his vital signs but they were unable to save him. Local police have started an investigation to find out what happened and the Guardia Civil were also called to the scene to help in the investigation.
Enquiries were made yesterday in garages to see if a Golf has been brought in for repair. Police sources said they have an important clue which could lead to the imminent detention of the driver, who will be accused of the crime of failing to help and injured person. Little has been found out about the dead man. Yesterday it was still not known whether he was a tourist or a resident. “It is possible he lived here, there are a lot of Finnish residents in the area” said an officer.