PALMA'S new metro may not be operational, nor the bus terminal at the capital's new central station completed, but the Balearic government yesterday unveiled the new Majorca-wide public transport rover card.

The top-up swipe cards, which will come in to operation on March 21, will be fitted with a microchip which will enable the various transport services to monitor their performance and adapt their frequencies to the needs of the travelling public. What is more, the cards, which can be obtained for free from Palma, Inca, Manacor, Sa Pobla and Marratxi stations, will not have an expiry date and users will be able to “top up” depending on how many journeys they intend to make and how far into the four travel zones into which Majorca has been divided.

The top-ups vary in price from 12 to 70 euros, depending on distance and travel frequency.
The Balearic Minister for Public Transport, Mabel Cabrer, presented the new travel card yesterday and explained that, apart from the huge savings the cards will offer, there will also be a range of discounts available for the elderly, the young, students and large families.

She added that, as the new metro and bus terminal come into operation, the card will automatically apply to the new services.
And, as an example of the savings the new cards will offer, Cabrer explained that while a standard single ticket from Palma to Manacor costs 3.70, using a 40-trip top-up, card holders can save 50 percent.

Palma Councillor for Transport, Alvaro Gijón, said that the rover cards will run in parallel with the citizen cards and that while the new cards will be the best option for those planning on using a combination of the three modes of transport, those only using the EMT municipal bus services will be better off using the citizen card.

Full information is available at the public transport center in plaza de España .