By Staff Reporter IT was the end of the line for the Centro Canino animal refuge yesterday with more than a dozen dogs being taken to a Council of Majorca run home near Sencelles. Other animals have been adopted.

More dogs and cats are expected to be taken to the refuge today leaving the Centro with just 11 adult dogs and puppies. The city council has said that the Centro Canino can only have a maximum of eleven animals and city councils officials will be visiting the refuge, founded by British resident Jane Reynolds in the 1960s, tomorrow (Monday) to ensure that their guidelines are not being broken.

The Centro Canino didn´t want their animals to be taken to the municipal pound at Son Reus because they feared that they would be sacrificed. The Council of Majorca supported refuge is a far better choice, according to the Centro, because the animals will be looked after by Centro Canino volunteers and also fed by them.

The Centro Canino has staged a valiant fight against the city council who wanted to curtail thr refuge because its paperwork was allegedly not in order. Council officials would have had instructions to remove any additional animals at the site on Monday.

Julie Ford, the Vice President of the Centro, was upbeat yesterday telling the Bulletin that it was not the end. “We naturally had to abide by the judge´s ruling but the Centro will continue to work for the animals. “With our breeders licence we can have 10 female dogs and one male and also their puppies. If any of our animals at the Sencelles home are adopted it will be down to us. “It would have been nice if we were able to continue at our present home but we are confident that the dispute can be resolved,” she said.

Julie Ford also thanked everyone for their support and help.