STAFF REPORTER ELECTRICITY company GESA ENDESA faces being fined between 30'000 and 600'000 euros after a Balearic Consumer Ministry inquiry found it guilty of having wrongfully billed its clients.

The local government probe has confirmed that the company invoiced many of its customers for their December electricity supply last year using revised tariffs for 2009.

Consumer Director Diego Gonzalez said yesterday that the process of fining GESA had already been put in motion.
The penalty is based on the fact that the supply company has broken regional law through its imposition of abusive price increases and unjustified minimum usage quotas. Gonzalez said the final amount that GESA will have to pay will depend on how the Court views the level of seriousness of its infraction of the law and on the number of people who have been affected. He added that nearly all of the company's customers who have a supply agreement of up to 10 kilowatts were affected by the excess billing - over half a million clients.