Staff Reporter THE Tourist Trade Fair being held in Berlin, became a platform for a determined fight against the terrorists over the weekend. The traditional press conference given by the Secretary of State for Commerce and Tourism at the Fair emphasized that the best way of denying the perpetrators of Thursday's massacre in Madrid any sense of achievement, is for holidaymakers from all over the world to keep on going to Spain for their vacations. Klaus Laeple, president of the federation of German tour opertors, couched his invitation in terms of homage to the 200 people who had died in the terrorist atrocity, as did Gunter Ihlau, vice-president of the federation of European tour operators. Nearly 100 journalists from round the world were able to listen to the words of the captains of the European tourist industry. “The Spanish government can be confident of support from the tourist industry on an international basis” said one leading figure. The events in Madrid triggered a replay of the position that faced the tourist industry after the terrorist attacks on New York in September, 2001. Laeple left it clear that the Balearics and Spain “are absolutely essential for the German tourist industry”. He went on: “The tragedy of Madrid has affected us deeply. Spain is a country characterised by its vitality and joie de vivre and we want to stand by our fellows in the industry at this dreadful time. Terrorism is combatted by keeping your spirits high, and so it is important to keep viewing Spain as a qualitative holiday destination.” Earlier, Tourism secretary, Germán Porras, had made his view clear that the attacks in Madrid “had been directed at all Spaniards and had not been specifically directed at tourism. It was an assault on the joint standing of Spanish and European society.” On 25 March, the European Commission will meet in Brussels to create a specialist unit for coordinating security in the European Union. German tour operators said they were not receiving cancellations at the moment but wanted to keep an eye on how events continued to unfold. As an act of support for those who have suffered in the atrocities in Madrid, and for Spain as a country, the governing mayor of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit announced during a visit to the Trade Fair (ITB) that he is considering spending his next holidays here. The German minister of Economy and Employment, Wolfgang Clement, had asked during a visit to Spain's stand at the trade fair, that people should continue to go to Spanish tourist destinations as a way of rejecting terrorism. The mayor has been one of the first in following his advice. Adding to supporters of the Balearics at the trade fair in Berlin yesterday, was Boris Becker, the ex Wimbledon champion who timed his appearance to coincide with a special promotion on the Islands. The actor and film producer, Michael Douglas, is due to make an appearance at the Balearic stand of the fair today at 10.30am as part of an ongoing contract he has signed with the Balearic government to promote the Islands. The present Balearic minister for Tourism, Joan Flaquer will follow Douglas's appearance with a press conference at 11am.