THE environmental group GOB and the Salvem Mallorca (Save Majorca) Platform have announced that they will hold a demonstration this Saturday.
They represent many groups which have been formed to protest about the building projects being carried out by the Balearic Government and the Council of Majorca.

They called for the support of other entities, unions and town councils.
GOB has spent the past few days distributing publicity about the demonstration so that it will be the biggest one they have held so far.
In addition to this, GOB and the Salvem Mallorca Platform will take advantage of this demonstration to express their solidarity with “people and entities who are being subjected to campaigns to manipulate the facts and discredit them just because they think differently”.

This was a reference to the criticism of them made by the Partido Popular and the media for the protests at the Real monastery over the construction of the new hospital at Son Espases.

GOB has, during the last few months, tested their ability to mount demonstrations.
The last one was to recall the protests which they made at the beginning of this Balearic Government's term of office against their first road projects.

Commenting on the coming demonstration, Matas (leader of the Balearic Government) expressed his “respect” for the rights of the protesters, although he added that this type of protest is “normal during the few months before an election. Speaking at the Balearic University yesterday, Matas insisted that “there is always a protest like this” some months before an election.