PALMA THE Spanish Airports Authority (AENA) has dispensed with the services of 35 security guards working for Trablisa at Palma aiport this month. The move has incurred the wrath of the Workers Commission (CCOO) who claimed yesterday that security at Palma airport is “like a sieve” due to lack of personnel. The Commission's General Secretary, Miguel Sañudo alleged that tight security is “pure fiction” particularly in relation to screening the activity of the airport's 5'000 workers. Sañudo, along with a General Workers Union representative on Trablisa's Works Committee said that Palma Airport's Security Director, Miguel Campaner, had triggered serious “insecurity” through his decision to deplete staff levels by 35. They claimed that Campaner was ultimately aiming to cut security staff by 50 percent. Sañudo said that a number of checkpoints around the airport are closing such as the one at the access point to the airport's military zone. He said that whereas there should, pro rata, be three guards attending to passengers going through security checks (one for men, one for women and one to watch the scanner), there is now only one.