THE Balearic President, Francesc Antich, yesterday called on the leader of the PP, Rosa Estarás, to support the autonomous Government in negotiating a new financing system for the Balearics with Madrid.

Antich described the negotiation of a new deal for the Balearics as a priority of this legislature. “I hope that they give us their support because this is a very important issue for the Balearics that will have to be agreed multilaterally,” said Antich.

Meanwhile, Estaras, during yesterday's sitting of the Balearic Parliament, questioned the Government about when they would start signing the deals promised by the Prime Minister, José Luis Rodríguez, for the Balearics in the run-up to the recent General Election.

Antich replied that the Balearic Government hadn't stopped working to finalise investment deals for the Islands. He promised to continue working with the acting Government in Madrid until a new administration was formed when a calendar could be finalised to hammer out the deals.

Estaras asked when the new financial system for the Balearics, promised four years ago, and improvements to the financing of councils would be brought into effect. She also queried when new finance deals for the Islands' railways and roads would be finalised.

Estaras also pressed the President on a new deal for inter-Island flights and demanded that Antich firm up promises relating to the co-management of the airport and financing for the acquisition of fincas on the Island and the planting of 100'000 trees.

She added that the ambitious new plans for the renovation of the Playa de Palma had not been budgeted for this year.
Estaras also asked when would 16'000 new affordable houses be built and 2'000 new places in creches be made available.
Responding to some of these questions, Antich noted that the Planícia finca had been bought for 10 million euros and that the Government was on the point of signing a deal on creches.