AN 81-year-old woman was violently attacked by two men who broke into her Pollensa home over the weekend and left her tied up for three hours.
The elderly woman's home in calle Voramar was assaulted at 4.30am on Sunday morning.
Apparently, the 81-year-old was woken by the noise of the two men breaking into her property and went to investigate what was going on.
She eventually found a broken window and her son's documents strewn across the floor.
However, before she could raise the alarm, she was attacked by the two intruders who warned her to “cooperate if she wanted nothing to happen”.
One of the attackers was apparently armed with a knife and manhandled the pensioner back into her bedroom where they made her lie on the bed before tying her up.

In doing so, the two men noticed that the victim was wearing some expensive jewellery, which they violently removed before searching her bedroom drawers and cupboards for other valuables. The two men came across the safe but the victim said that her sons, who were out at the time, had the only set of keys.

However, the two men forced the 81-year-old to sign two blank checks and then tied her up again before carrying on searching the house.
Before finally leaving, they warned the victim it would be useless to try and call for help as they had cut the telephone line.
The elderly woman remained tied up for the next three hours until she was finally able to wriggle her self free.
Fortunately, she was able to provide the Guardia Civil with detailed descriptions of her two assailants and they were eventually arrested on Monday as they tried to cash the checks in a local bank.

According to the Guardia Civil in Pollensa, the men, a Spaniard and a Peruvian in their 30's, were wanted in connection with two other violent robberies.

Last night they remained in custody in Palma Prison.