Palma.—Every year, there are problems with the state of the beaches in the Port of Pollensa.
While the nearby Port of Alcudia has recently had its beach named the best in Spain and one of the ten best in Europe, the Port of Pollensa just can not seem to get their act together.

And, on the eve of the tourist season starting, the local politicians are at loggerheads over the poor condition of the beach and its facilities. The beach looks more like the rough sand dunes of the Playa de Muro than a lovely golden stretch calling out for tourists to lie on and soak up the sun.

Some of the sea front concrete benches are cracked or crumbling and, in some areas, the winter winds have pushed the sands on to the pavements.
Opposition councillors have criticised the Mayor for not having looked after the beach properly during the winter, but with limited funds, the argument is that it would have been a waste of money.

That said, the council is now facing a battle against time to get the beach in order and it also remains to be seen if a concession is lined up to take care of the sun shades and sun loungers.

A farce
Last summer that turned into a complete farce with the concessions only being tendered at the very last minute.
The local commercial sector and bar and restaurant owners are also complaining about the state of the beach as they start getting ready for the season which will start earlier than usual with Easter falling at the beginning of April.