THE Balearic Government will use a website to give information about the state of the islands' beaches, practically in real time.
The website was presented to the representatives attending the first International Beach Safety Conference, which took place this week in the hotel Palas Ateneas in Palma.

The director general of the Government's Emergencies Department, Joan Pol, explained that this website will allow “clients, residents and tourists to have direct access to information about the state of the beaches, their safety measures, cleanliness, currents and many other aspects”.

Part of this information will be supplied by the beach controllers and, thanks to the collaboration of IMEDEA (Institute of Mediterranean Studies) and the UIB (Balearic University), a model has been created which makes predictions about the state of the beaches 72 hours in advance.

Pol said “the model is very reliable and predicts whether the beaches will be in a good state or not and whether they will be closed, which is very important information as people can then be advised not to go to these beaches”. The website is in operation but will not be promoted until May.

Balearic leader Jaume Matas, opened the Conference, which was attended by some 200 technicians. Rafael Lobeto Lobo, secretary general of the Philippe Cousteau Foundation, said that, in the absence of a Spanish Coastguard Service, the plan for placing lifeguards on the beach, started by the Balearic Government, was very important. “The Balearics are pioneers in this area and now they are consolidating this policy of beach safety by developing a policy of marine rescue”, he said. He continued, “Joan Pol is one of the people who constantly criticises himself and is not complacent, and this is very positive as things will then work properly”.

Pol responded, saying “this is filling a need”, due to the absence of a state law, and “we are prepared for any disaster”. www.platgesdebalears.com