THE PSM (Majorcan Nationalists) on Binissalem council are to oppose the public interest order for a new golf course in Son Saleta.
They will do this because they consider that it will jeopardise the Can Figuera project for birdlife and an ecological tourism reception centre.
The public interest order for the golf course, which will border on Sencelles and Binissalem, was made public on March 8, according to Majorcan Nationalist party sources.

The golf course would need 2'192 cubic metres of water per day, while the Can Figuera reservoirs have a maximum daily volume of 886 cubic metres.
Its use would mean “the drying up of the water sources” which shows how “incompatible” the golf course is with a project such as that of the ecological tourism centre, which is much more sustainable, according to the PSM.

In their view, the construction of a golf course would be an abuse of natural resources and would take up too much land, and because of this they say “in no way could this be considered in the public interest”.