RESIDENTS of Costa d'en Blanes are pondering the significance of mysterious orange lights that appeared in the sky on Thursday night.
Seven large orange lights in total started appearing in the sky about 8.20pm, according to one resident, Angel Montero, who was in the street talking to neighbours at the time.

It was his wife, Angela, who first spotted the strange lights.
Angel said that the lights would appear very quickly and disappear.
He tried to look through his binoculars but the light was too strong.
There were about 20 to 25 on the street during the spectacle, he said.
Some tried using camera phones to take photographs but the images were left blank. “It was incredible,” said Montero, who said he had no explanation for the phenomenon. The whole thing took about 10 and 15 minutes. He said that initially people thought that they could be weather balloons but that this was discounted because there was too many.

A previous unexplained object in the sky was seen in the area 22 years ago.