THE Balearic Public Prosecutor is calling for bail of 342'000 euros to be set for the six accused in the Can Domenge corruption scandal, one of whom is the ex President of the Council of Majorca and Speaker of the Balearic Parliament, Maria Antonia Munar (pictured).

If the accused are found guilty, the Prosecution is calling for a six-year jail sentence to be given to Munar and three other Majorcan Unionist party members who will be brought to trial: ex government ministers Miquel Nadal and Miquel Angel Flaquer and ex Council of Majorca member, Bartomeu Vicens who is already serving a prison sentence for a separate corruption scandal. The Can Domenge case came to light when the Nuñez and Navarro trading company denounced the fact that plots of land in Palma had been sold by local authorities for 30 million euros, half their true market value. The Prosecutor said that it was “unfeasible” that Munar should have been “kept in the dark” by the other accused regarding any irregularities in the sale.