SHOW cooking, popular dishes and cocktails with a Majorcan flavour will be the novelties at the 20th Exhibition of Majorcan Cooking, which will open its doors at the Exhibition ground in Palma on 24 March and last until 2 April. The chairman of the Food and Beverage Services Association, Antoni Mas, introduced the food fair yesterday, accompanied by the Council of Majorca's head of Economy, Miquel Angel Flaquer and the director general for Tourist promotion in the Balearic government, Eduardo Gamero. At a Press conference, the head of the exhibition's organising body pointed out that 22 restaurants, 3 hostelry schools, six pastry confectioners, nine wine manufacturing companies and more than 50 associate organisations, will be participating in the exhibition this year. He furthermore gave a special welcome to the team from the Majorca Prison Cooking School, headed by Koldo Royo, who will make a dish of frito marinero, a Majorcan specialty. The Cooking Fair, which will be open to the public from 12.30pm to 4pm and 7pm to 11pm, will also host the award ceremony of the exhibition's 16th Painting competition. The winner this year is Marta Qunintana, and the paintings entered in the competition will be on permanent display. Mas attributed star status to the introduction of “show cooking”, or cooking live, in which various specialists were to exhibit their cooking skills to a public audience, using traditional Majorcan recipes, as well as “newer trends”. Tolo Hernández, a senior teacher from a hostelry school will be interacting with visitors to give them some basic principles in the art of (Majorcan) wine tasting. Expert, Manual Solano, will be in charge of a section of the fair which will be allocated to cocktails made from liqueurs which are produced on the Island. The president of the Association commented that the size of Palma's exhibition area was becoming “inadequate” to house the extent of this annual event which last year, received 67'000 visitors. Gamero paid homage to the effort of the Balearic government in supporting the food fair. He considered the exhibition to be a leading example in its field, because it encouraged residents and tourists alike to enjoy something where products gave “excellent value for money”.